A4 - Disputed Histories - Istina / Evertëta - Vol.03


False Truths Workshop

The shift of official historical narratives that took place in former Yugoslavia
(as in many other parts of the world) at the end of the twentieth century shook our very idea of historical truth,
showing us that religion, nation, ideals, identity, statehood and even personal identity are not given by God
(or nature) but are subject to variations and transformations.
The disintegration of Yugoslavia initiates and finalizes with Kosovo.
The differences in narratives between the Kosovo and Serbian versions are of the least transparent of all the spectrum of ex-yugoslavia.
This might be due to language differences or to extremely bad political relations,
resulting in Kosovo’s official version never being considered or translated in Serbia.

The aim of this workshop will be to comparatively read, translate and discuss
recent Serbian and Kosovo history textbooks from very personalized points of view,
building on our life experience and in the context of international events that shifted our
contemplation of historic events and truth. Eg. Before the wall, between the wall and the towers, after the towers.

Participants: Arben Jashari, Deniz Tortoshi, Hafir Meta, Liridona Sopjani, Gresa Berisha,
Kadri Rexha, Ivona Naceva, Dardan Berisha, Dren Berishaj, Vigan Kada, Tanita Zhubi,
Petrit Nishliu, Renata Eremić, Goran Tepsić, Miroslav Dajč, Vladimir Tupanjac, Božica Slavković,
Ana Dragić, Milena Goševski, Borjan Grujić, Nikola Radić Lucati, Vahida Ramujkić, Filip Bojović and Daniel Cosentino



Personal Histories

4-6.11.2011, Belgrade
52nd October Salon, Museum of Yugoslav History

It Is Time We Got To Know Each Other

Disputed Histories Library

Collaboration: Filip Bojović (A3.Format group), Vahida Ramujkić and Daniel Cosentino (AUK)

Special thanks: Maja Micić (YiHR), Alenka Gregorić and Galit Eliat

Supported by: Belgrade Cultural Center, Palace Hotel Belgrade and Soros Kosovo