A3 - Urban Violence - Vol.01

Primary idea of the A3.Format project has started to develop in its digital format, over the internet. The authors of the project
themselves have said that initiation of this project was inspired by “lack of the public space for free thought and expression”.
Indeed, today, public space is fragmented, commercialized, mediated and privatized, which to big extent applies to the internet itself.
Today, we can not speak anymore about “public” space. Broader rifeness of technology makes the internet accessible to the bigger
number of people, which is usually understood as a synonym for openness, non-hierarchal and participative structure of the internet.
But, internet as the “public” space is overwhelmed by proprietary monopolies and strongly present technologies of control,
and privatized in such a way, it still propagates promises of unlimited communication and total networking of people and goods
on the global “super-highway of information”. Under those circumstances, by using a template, standardized format for potential intervention,
A3.Format project almost makes ironic template mode of the internet as an open, public space for eternal participation and networking.
Based on that, A3.Format project tries to form small-scale and effective online platform, which will create the opportunity to add new
quality to the principle of collaboration, outside of representative strategies of dominant media regimes. A3.Format project comments on the principle
of authorship in the field of design and introduces something unusual for this practice – principle of sharing in design.
By that, this project significantly distances itself from almost exclusive market-driven character of design and it opens possibility for its enrichment
by practices of collaboration, sharing, engagement and participation.  

Branka Ćurčić



A3 1

Front cover: Filip Bojović - Novi Sad

A3 2Bardhi Haliti - Pristina

A3 3

Filip Bojović - Novi Sad

A3 4Zorana Blagojević - London

A3 5Branislav Milošević - Ljubljana / Dragan Marković - Brussels

A3 6Vladimir Manovski - Belgrade / Marko Rakić - Novi Sad

A3 7Filip Bojović - Novi Sad

A3 8Ian Griffith - Tempe / Žiga Aljaž - Ljubljana

A3 9Marko Rakić & Filip Bojović / KUGA & Miloš Pušić - Novi Sad

A3 10Marko Ercegović - Novi Sad / Filip Bojović - Novi Sad

A3 11Bardhi Haliti - Pristina / Isidora Todorović, Vladimir Manovski & Filip Bojović - Novi Sad

A3 12BISKOTEKA - Belgrade / Žiga Artnak - Ljubljana

A3 13Vladimir Manovski - Belgrade

A3 14

Project realized by: A3.Format group and Kulturanova

Project team: Filip Bojović, Igor Zarol, Vladimir Manovski and Milan Vračar

English proofreading: Vicki Cooper and Kah-Mun Liew

24 Pages, Softcover, 29,7 x 42 cm, 4 Color Offset, First Edition, 250 Copies

Out of Print

Novi Sad, August 2009.

Supported by: City of Novi Sad