A3 - Low Budget - Vol.02

Basic idea of a design lies in it’s tendency to fit any given budget. The second publication from “Urban Violence” series
is proudly marked as “a low budget issue”,and consists of a selection of works self-initiatively created by artists in achromatic specter.
They were not informed about financial limitations, which allowed us the privilege of avoiding all compromises between
the design and the assets. Ideas we encountered put a different shade to our views on this publication.
Drama imposed on us by the contemporary politization of art unjustifiably ignores the problem of creativity in its relation to material circumstances.
With this publication, we have tried to contribute to the understanding that the lack of money should not be an excuse for the lack of creativity.
Finally, we stand before you with an issue that owns its very existence to the fact that we have gone around the budget limitations with this selection,
not design.  

Authors: Bratislav Milenković, Milan Sekiz, Dušan Đorđević, Nenad Trifunović, Branislav Milošević, Žiga Aljaž, Miha Artnak,
Milica Pantelić, Nenad Radojčić, Katarina Šoškić, Željko Lončar, Nenad Ponjević, Ana Kraš, Đorđe Jovanović, Ian Griffith,
Miroslav Dajč, Vladimir Manovski, Marijana Zarić, Marko Rakić & Filip Bojović


a3 low budget1Bratislav Milenković - Belgrade

a3 low budget2Milan Sekiz - Novi Sad / METAKLINIKA - Belgrade

a3 low budget3Branislav Milošević - Ljubljana

a3 low budget4ZEK CREW - Ljubljana / Zeljko Lončar - Belgrade

a3 low budget5Nenad Radojčić - Belgrade / Marko Rakić & Filip Bojović - Novi Sad

a3 low budget6Katarina Šoškić - Belgrade / Bratislav Milenković - Belgrade

a3 low budget7Željko Lončar - Belgrade / Milica Pantelić - Belgrade

a3 low budget8Marko Rakić - Novi Sad / Nenad Ponjević - Banja Luka

a3 low budget9

Katarina Šoškić - Belgrade / Ana Kraš - Belgrade

a3 low budget10

Marko Rakić & Filip Bojović - Novi Sad / Đorđe Jovanović - Belgrade/New York

a3 low budget11

Ian Griffith - Queen Creek / Filip Bojović - Novi Sad

a3 low budget12

Miroslav Dajč - Novi Sad / Vladimir Manovski - Bremen/Belgrade

a3 low budget13Marijana Zarić & Filip Bojović - Novi Sad

A3.Format team: Filip Bojović, Vladimir Manovski, Igor Zarol and Marko Rakić

Production: A3.Format group and Kulturanova

Translation: Dženana Huseinović

24 Pages, Softcover, 29,7 x 42 cm, 1 Color Offset, First Edition, 500 Copies

Novi Sad, November 2009.

Supported by: SCP - Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans