A3 - Illustrated Roma Alphabet Book - Vol.05


History and origin of Roma people present some of the biggest enigmas in the long history of European people.
We are facing a lack of valid scientific evidence to point to the emergence and movement of this people.

What we are paying attention to today is the issue of Roma language, as the cornerstone of their culture and identity.
Apart from communication, one of key functions of a language is integration within a social group, people, or community.
Roma language is one of many with no tradition of written form. Until recently, it did not exist in this form at all,
but was passed on exclusively by speaking, which contributed to the absence of a standard Roma language,
which exist merely as a group of more or less diverse dialects.

Alphabet Book is the result of cooperation between A3.Format and Kulturanova association,
with the help of Roma classes in elementary schools Dositej Obradovic and Jozef Atila from Novi Sad,
as well as those in elementary school Josif Marinkovic from Novi Becej. We were greatly assisted by their teachers
Aleksandra Nikolic and Ivica Miskovic. The sentences are products of spontaneous students’ associations to each of 39 letters
in extended Roma alphabet. Zj and Sj sound combinations have for the first time been included in Roma Alphabet Book,
being that they belong to Banat subdialect of Gurbet dialect.

43 authors illustrated all 39 letters in this book, 28 of whom are from Serbia, and 15 from Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany and the USA.

Authors: Milica Pantelić, Željko Lončar, Katarina Šoškić, Lаzаr Bodrožа, Primož Zorko, Biskoteka, Nenad Cizl, Nenаd Trifunović, Nebojšа Cvetković,
Milаdin Miletić, Filip Stamenković, Marko Gole, Ana Kraš, Fat Kid Beny, Filip Roca, Pavao Kuharić, Jovana Bogdanović, Jovana Tokić, Maja Čule
+ Dora Budor, Ivan Petruševski, Nenad Ponjević, Super Timor, David Krančan, Rafaela Dražić, Milenko Stevanović, Bratislav Milenković,
Branislav Milošević, Jan Kruse, Mina Fina, Vesna Pešić / BECHA, Jurij Lozić, Mane Radmanović, Stefan Unković, Hristina Papadopulos,
Igor Hofbauer, Filip Bojović, Monika Lang, Filip Pomykalo / MykaPolo, Marijana Zarić, Iva Spasojević and Nina Zeljković


001Front cover: Milica Pantelić & Željko Lončar - Belgrade


003Dimond pattern 1: Milica Pantelić & Željko Lončar - Belgrade


005Katarina Šoškić - Belgrade/Vienna

006Primož Zorko - Ljubljana

007Nenаd Trifunović - Belgrade | Nebojšа Cvetković - Belgrade

008Nebojšа Cvetković - Belgrade

009Ivan Petruševski - Skopje

010Mane Radmanović - Belgrade | Stefan Unković - Belgrade

011Vesna Pešić / BECHA - Belgrade | Jurij Lozić - Ljubljana

012Jurij Lozić - Ljubljana


014Filip Pomykalo / MykaPolo - Zagreb | Marijana Zarić - Novi Sad

015Iva Spasojević - Belgrade | Nina Zeljković - Belgrade


Creative director: Filip Bojović

Editors: Marko Rakić, Sanja Stanković and Filip Bojović

Authors of the text: Sanja Stanković and Marko Rakić

Project Coordinators: Ivica Mišković, Aleksandra Jovanović and Igor Zarol

A3.Format team: Filip Bojović, Igor Zarol, Marko Rakić, Sanja Stanković and Vladimir Manovski

Project realization by: A3.Format group and Kulturanova

Translation: Dženana Huseinović, Rajko Ranko Jovanović and jelena Mlađenović

60 Pages, Softcover, 29,7 x 42 cm, 1 Color Offset, First Edition, 1000 Copies


Novi Sad, December 2010

This project was supported by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights of Republic of Serbia.