A3 - CMYK Wars - Vol.02


“CMYK Wars” represent the battle of colours and attitudes, different approaches and personal poetics,
they are a battle against the budget, and an uncompromisable one. Exploring the subject of “Urban Violence”,
we have realized that by these battles, we are winning the war as well, people want to talk about violence, condemn it,
and together we manage to make  ourselves visible. For the very hardship we went through in order to print in full color specter,
we have called this issue a “war” issue. The war has been won, authors are more than thrilled, the print office even more.
And all this in the year of crisis, recession, allowed than withdrawn financial support, emotional collapses and growing up together…
We have gone through it all: exhibits, presentations, meetings, correspondence with the artists…
spending time together which resulted in creating a family :-)

Authors: Marko Gole, Katarina Šoškić, Nenad Radojčić, Nenad Ponjević, Nenad Trifunović, Primož Zorko,
Ognjen Đurović,  Žiga Aljaž, Branislav Milošević, Dušan Đorđević, Lazar Bodroža, Vesna Pešić, Žiga Artnak,
Milica Stojšić, Ivan Petruševski, Vladimir Manovski, Rakić Marko and Filip Bojović


IMG_5026Marko Gole - Belgrade


IMG_5056Katarina Šoškić - Belgrade

IMG_5162Nenad Radojčić - Belgrade / Nenad Ponjević - Banja Luka

IMG_5202METAKLINIKA - Belgrade / Primož Zorko - Ljubljana

IMG_5242Marko Rakić - Novi Sad / Ognjen Đurović - Belgrade

IMG_5298Žiga Aljaž - Ljubljana / Branislav Milošević - Ljubljana

IMG_5337METAKLINIKA - Belgrade / Filip Bojović - Novi Sad

IMG_5414METAKLINIKA - Belgrade / Vesna Pešić - Niš/Belgrade

IMG_5421Žiga Artnak - Ljubljana / Milica Stojšić - Sombor/Novi Sad

IMG_5498Vesna Pešić - Niš/Belgrade / Katarina Šoškić - Belgrade

IMG_5547Marko Gole - Belgrade / Vladimir Manovski - Bremen/Belgrade

IMG_5564Ivan Petruševski - Skopje / METAKLINIKA - Belgrade

IMG_5605Vesna Pešić - Niš/Belgrade

A3.Format team: Filip Bojović, Vladimir Manovski, Igor Zarol and Marko Rakić

Production: A3.Format group and Kulturanova

Translation: Dženana Huseinović

24 Pages, Softcover, 29,7 x 42 cm, 4 Color Offset, First Edition, 500 Copies

Novi Sad, November 2009.

Supported by: SCP - Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans